On November 4th, at the European Studies Institute – University of Tirana took place the academic conference “Human Security and Human Rights: Challenges of XXI Century”. The Conference was organized by the European Centre in collaboration with European Studies Institute and Faculty of History and Philology, in cooperation with Citizens’ Assembly. The aim of this Scientific Conference was to create a better overview of human rights and the challenges that these rights are facing in the current times in the entire world, with a special focus in the Balkan Region.

The current situations and problems like the migrant crisis, the war in Syria, the ISIS, the terrorist attacks etc.  have created many problems on the fulfillment of the core rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled. These problems were mostly focused on the Balkan Region which in the last decades has faced many situations which made a global impact in the view of human rights. On this basis through this action we aimed to ameliorate general knowledge on human security with a special focus on the current related developments on human rights.

The overall objective of the project was: “To assist on a better understanding of human security and its dynamics through encouraging Albanian academic professionals to undertake academic research in this field which is not well elaborated in the Albanian reality”.

The conference, gave the opportunity to Albanian researchers and professors to speak about their experiences and to present their research papers on the topic. The Conference started with a welcome address by Prof. Dr. Valentina Duka, Dean of the Faculty of History and Philology, followed by Mrs. Ilira Çaushi, Head of European Studies Institute and Mrs. Ina Xhepa, Executive Director of the European Centre.

There were 26 presentations on many topics which concluded that regional mechanisms should fulfil important tasks and should be strengthened to protect human rights. For sustainable solutions, the governments, civil society and citizens must be involved in the practical implementation of human rights and human security.

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