Title: National Consultant
Location: 20 municipalities in Albania
Start of assignment: 06.05.2019
End of assignment: 15.06.2020
Duration of assignment: 43 working days

Though Albania is considered as a safe country of origin, many Albanian citizens immigrate irregularly in the EU countries, asking for the refugee status.  Part of the asylum seekers are young people, who migrate with(out) their families. The main reasons of this broad migration are the economic reasons, the inability to integrate into the labor market and lack of information on how to look for a job. Youth has the most vulnerable position in the labor market not solely in Albania, but also elsewhere in the world. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, youth employment rates are quite low and unemployment rates are quite high in the European Union. In a fast changing and ever evolving labor market, informing and orienting youngsters to better prepare for the integration into the labor market is a primary duty of all stakeholders, be they public or private.
Within this framework, the European Centre and GIZ-PME are implementing the project “Integration in the labor market: Yes, I can!”, to contribute in the active integration of young people in the education system and labor market.

The European Centre is looking for one young national consultant, who will be responsible for 40 workshops on migration, VET and carrier, and to update and present the tailored leaflet “Integration in the labor market: Yes I can!”  all over the country.

For delivering the awareness raising workshops, the European Centre will require the services of one young national consultant who will be responsible to update a tailored leaflet and deliver forty workshops on migration, VET and carrier.

The awareness methodology shall include the following outline: using simple language and definitions appropriate for the target audience, explaining the leaflet produced for this purpose, and encouraging the audience to participate in the presentation and debate. Explaining EU legal provisions related with migration, difference between asylum seekers and economical migration. There should be explained what is VET and how to follow it, in order to reach the labor market more quickly and in a professional way. In addition, during the workshops will be explained all the relevant programs and opportunities offered by GIZ-PME project for young people with the aim to orient them towards the trade market.


  • Update the tailored leaflet “Integration in the labor market: Yes I can!”;
  • Make a presentation of the tailored leaflet “Integration in the labor market: Yes I can!”;
  • Explain and talk about the terms migration and VET;
  • Present DIMAK and GIZ-PME opportunities;
  • Discuss with the participants about the topic.


  • Deliver 40 workshops by 20 June 2020.
  • Deliver a bimonthly report about finalized workshops.
  • Deliver a final report about the overall sessions by 20 June 2020.


  • University degree in law
  • At least 2 years of professional experience; work experience in human rights/ EU law expert would be an asset;
  • Previous experience with European Centre is required;
  • Very good skills in public speaking;
  • Previous experience in workshops;
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision and under time pressure;
  • Other academic qualification in the legal area, with a specific focus on the European; international law and human rights, would be an asset.

Individual consultant will be evaluated based on a cumulative analysis taking into consideration the combination of the applicant’s qualifications and financial proposal.
The award of the contract should be made to the individual consultant whose offer has been evaluated

  1. Responsive/ compliant/ acceptable; and
  2. Having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical criterias specific to the solicitation.

Only the highest ranked candidates who would be found qualified for the job will be considered for the financial evaluation.
Technical criteria – 100 % of total evaluation – max points 100
Criteria A: Educational – max points 35
Criteria B: Expertise in delivering workshops – max points 40
Criteria C: Financial offer – max points 25

The call for experts will be published at the European Centre’s official website. All interested applicants shall send their CV in hard copy, up to 22 April 2019.
Postal address: European Centre; Rr. “Vaso Pasha”, P.20/57, Tirana Albania



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