Communication on Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

In this Communication the Centre would like to express its adherence to the principles and values of the Prevention of the Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) as a mechanism preventing abuse and exploitation of vulnerable groups of beneficiaries within humanitarian assistance programs.

The Centre will contribute with all possible steps to make sure that its personnel is fully aware of the principles of PSEA and its responsibility for any involvement in SEA. The Centre is currently updating its PSEA Policy and relevant mechanisms securing the most effective and prompt response of the Centre’s management on any SEA cases where Centre’s personnel is allegedly involved.

The Centre welcomes any whistleblowers’ information and reporting on such involvement and obliges to investigate thoroughly all relevant communications.

Apart from this general communication directed to all Centre’s beneficiaries and stakeholders, the Centre is currently updating its targeted communications for all categories of beneficiaries and stakeholders, especially those belonging to vulnerable groups.

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