“Court’s case-law”

The Registry of the Court is currently implementing an ambitious case-law translations programme which may be of relevance to training and other activities in different MAEs of the Organisation.

For example, the HUDOC database now contains 5,000 case-law translations in 25 languages and some of the Registry’s handbooks exist in over 20 languages.

A three-year project supported by the Human Rights Trust Fund (Bringing Convention standards closer to home: Translation and dissemination of key ECHR case-law in target languages) aims to improve the understanding and domestic implementation of ECHR standards by commissioning translations ensuring their dissemination to legal professionals in Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, Turkey and Ukraine.

Translations have also been commissioned into Russian and in the course of 2013 ; the Registry intends to outsource texts into additional languages.

A significant part of court`s case law accessible in the ECHR web are translated in Albanian from the European Centre. 

The Court’s case-law translations programme was presented today at 10 am in the Court’s seminar room.

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