“Fair trial standards as a perquisite of the functioning of the rule of law”

European Centre in collaboration with Save the Children in Albania and CILSP , with EU founding, is working on project “Fair Trial standards as perquisite of the functioning of the rule of law”.

In the framework of this project, the EC keeps training students of public and private Faculties of Law. The last one was held with the students of “Aleksander Xhuvani “ University ,in Elbasan , on  the 29th ,31th of October and the 2nd of November . The first day of this training was about the European Conventional on Human Rights , article 6-“Right to a fair trial”. The other day the schedule was the same but the participants also was discussed the article 10 of ECHR – “Freedom of expression”. During the final day the centre organized a simulated mini-trial with case-studies of the first day.  The students split in 2 groups, one group representing the “plaintiff” and the other group representing the “State”. They introduced their claims and counterclaims, respecting the standards of ECtHR. These trainings are very important because they help the participants both in theoretical and practical side.

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