The sixth event, which was held on March 31st 2017, consisted of a simulation of a trial in a criminal proceeding (For counterfeiting of coins carried out in cooperation and more than once, the production and sale of narcotics), on which they will raise their claims and objections, and the court will give a reasoned decision based on the arguments of the parties.
After the training, as described in the project activities, the students were divided in groups in order to work and perform in a mock trial based in a criminal law scenario. Under the assistance of a professor of the Department of Law, in collaboration with European Centre’s staff, the students were assisted to simulate an administrative scenario for the mock trial.

Students were divided in three groups, each representing the Court:  Ardenisa Gjoni;  Fjoralda Xhaferaj;  Klevi Kola; the Prosecutors: Fabiola Skrapalliu;  Mersilda Lamaj; Pellumb Neziri; the Lawyers: Anxhela Telushi;  Aurela Tahiraj;  Doriana Canaliaj; Kleart Kondaj; Marjus Gjata; Silvia Myslimi and Juridical assistant: Xhensiana Malkaj. Thus the students had a great chance to exercise the knowledge that they had gained during their studies.

Each group of representatives had a limited time to perform according to their roles. The prosecutors had to represent their claim related to the issue, whereas the lawyers had to represent counter-arguments to defend its position. At the end, each party gave their final conclusions and the juridical panel withdrew to make a decision regarding the case. Through this simulation, the students participating had the opportunity to show their practical skills and deepen their knowledge in the criminal justice area, and get to know better the practical aspects of the functioning of  Criminal Courts. Also, through this direct engagement, they had the opportunity to reach people who are unable economically to hire a lawyer and help them by providing free legal assistance.

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