“Memorandum of Understanding”

On May 24, 2013 in the premises of the Ministry of Justice, was signed the Memorandum of Understanding between AIRE Centre, Human Rights database of the Western Balkans Team, the European Centre, and the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Albania, the Albanian School of Magistrates and the Union of the Albanian Judges.

The opening speech was held by the Minister of Justice, Mr. Eduard Halimi, who emphasized that this project is very important for judicial reform in order to “Increasing access and strengthening professionalism of the Judges in the country”The speech was followed by the Project Director of AIRE Centre, Mrs. Biljana Braithwaite and Executive Director of European Centre Mr. Ilir Panda. The Memorandum of Understanding has on its focus the administration and management of the activities of the Human Rights Law Database of the Western Balkans Project, conducted by the AIRE Centre in London and the European Centre in Tirana, in collaboration with the abovementioned institutions. The AIRE Centre and the European Centre aim to work with the Ministry of Justice, in order to assist strengthening the application of ECHR case law before the domestic courts in Albania. This aim will achieved by increasing the capacity and possibilities of above mentioned institutions to promote ECHR jurisprudence at domestic level, by assisting School of Magistrates in their programs and resources of judges and persecutors Convention related trainings, increasing the regional cooperation and the shearing of best practice between Government Agents and Judicial Training Centers.

In order to achieve these aims, the AIRE Centre, will establish an online database of all judgments, case summaries and expert commentaries relevant to Albania, and to the region of the Western Balkans as a whole. In difference from the European Centre in Tirana that will serve as a focal point for the implementation of the project and for holding and updating the database, in cooperation with all partners in this project, in Western Balkans the online database managed by State Advocatory. Party members sign the Memorandum of Agreement and the meeting ended at 11.00 am.


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