28th of October, the European Centre participated in the seminar “Modernization of Dutch Diplomacy- a work in progress” and “The Reform of Albanian Foreign Service”, hosted by the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The aim of the seminar was to introduce young diplomats, but not only with the main pillars of the Dutch diplomacy.

The Dutch ambassador in Tirana, had her speech on personal experience as an ex-ambassador to the U.S.A and also with advices how to address diplomatic issues. She emphasized the role of trade in defining the Foreign Policy of her country, by orientating the Netherlands to establish strong relations with countries such as America or China. This has some historic roots as well, explained the ambassador, the fruits of which are being showed in today’s Dutch economy, where many Dutch citizens work for international companies based in the Netherlands. A big step towards strengthening the partnership with America, is also Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which is under way between EU and U.S.A.
Despite the trade foreign policy, the Netherlands is also a great promoter of human rights, gender equality, democracy and rule of law.

Another focus of the discussion was also the image of the diplomat. According to the ambassador, a diplomat should always be informed about his own country’s occurring and the hosting country’s too. The main duty of a diplomat is to establish good relations and deal with every possible conflict, in addition to offering every needed assistance for the nationals of its own country that live or work in the hosting state.

During the seminar, the ambassador also mentioned that Albania should follow the steps of the most developed foreign affairs service, by improving its own image in the world. Ms. Qirjako Qirko, the General Secretary of the MFA, thanked the Netherlands for the consistent assistance, by also stating that most its diplomats are trained in the Netherlands.

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