Friday April 10, at 16:00 o’clock, took place the Mock Trial of the Civil Department at the Law Faculty of the University of Tirana. The mock trial was held as part of the Legal Clinic Educational Program, a project of JuST-USAID in cooperation with the European Centre and the Law Faculty.

The event was a finalization of the previous two training days about the civil process in the court and its parties.  The students that took part in the trainings, were selected by the professors and given a simulated case for the mock trial. Given the case, students were divided in two groups, each representing the Complainant or the Respondent.  Thus the students had a great chance to exercise the knowledge that they had gained during their studies.

Each group of representatives had a limited time to perform according to their roles. The Complainant had to represent its claims related to the issue, whereas the Respondent had to represent counter-arguments to defend its position.

Students representing the Claimant: Xhulio Doku, Elizabeta Nezaj, Ada Xheblati, Adora Nexha

Students representing the Respondent: Elisa Shima, Drenica Demiraj, Donald Kota, Arbora Aliaj.

The judging panel was composed by the judge of the Court of the First Instance of Tirana, z.Asim Vokshi.

Despite the training, the participating students had the chance to exercise upon the material of the mock trial and get advices upon the professional ethic when representing a party at the court.

The mock trial of the Civil Department was successfully proceeded, showing  once again the benefits of participating in such events, in order to be professionally advanced when representing at the court the cases of the individuals addressing to the Legal Clinic for free legal assistance.

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