Multidisciplinary Student Conference

On May 13 2014, European Centre in collaboration with UET Centre, with the support of Credins Bank organized Multidisciplinary Student Conference with the topic “We and European Union –What comes next?”

The purpose of this Conference was the involvement of students of any field in a critical debate for Albania’s integration in EU. What are the challenges of this integration, that is the main topic discussed in every institution, media and everywhere?

In the Conference participated students from finance, political sciences, international relations and justice, from University of Tirana and European University of Tirana. The Conference was held in European University of Tirana. During the Conference students discussed about justice reform, civilian employee law, priorities and progress rapport, the influence of Euro and so on.

The organizer team organized the event in order to have more students and to be for students, therefore only two of the guests were professors from European University of Tirana: Odeta Barbullushi-PhD, who spoke about the concept of integration which is becoming trendy in Albanian society; and Hermion Braho-PhD, who discussed over bio-ethics and considered it as a challenge for EU unity. She also highlighted the absence of legislation for this filed in Albania.

Mrs. Henri Çili orated his greeting word for the students.

Through this Conference European Union concludes its activities of ‘European Week 2014”

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