“myRights! – enhancing knowledge on gender equality online”

The European Centre in collaboration with Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), is implementing the project “myRights! – enhancing knowledge on gender equality online”.

The project consists in two main pillars: on one hand, the Centre will organize a 4-days “Training of Trainers” with the People’s Advocate’s and Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination’s staff, as first-line workers who deal with cases of discrimination in their everyday’s work. On the other hand, the Centre will develop an online platform which will be used to publish a number of modules on discrimination and its types. This platform will be accessible from all the citizens and will contain information in a simple and holistic language. In addition, the Centre will organize 4 launching events in 4 public universities in Albania, as well a number of awareness raising sessions regarding the project.

#Humanrightsmatter #Equality #Antidiscrimination #NHRI

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