National Scientific Conference-Faculty of Justice, University of Tirana

Within the “EU Week 2014”, on 12 May the European Centre organized at Monarc Hotel the National Scientific Conference, in collaboration with the Public Law Department of the Law Faculty-University of Tirana.  Conference’s topic was ‘ Legal and Institutional developments in Albania within commitment of SAA’.

After the registation of the participants, there took place also the presentation for the conference opening. Remarkable speakers such as Prof. Asoc. Evis Alimehmeti Head of Department of Public Law; Prof. Dr. Altin Shegani, Dean of Faculty of Justice, TU; Ms. Milena Harito, Minister for Public Administration and Innovation; Mr. Arben Isaraj, Deputy Minister of Justice ; Mrs. Gentjan Elezi, Deputy Minister of Integration; Prof. Dr. Aurela Anastasi, Faculty of Law-University of Tirana honored with their presence.

Subsequently, speakers of Panel 1 developed their  presentations, helped by Prof. Dr. Aurela Anastasi, moderator.

After the break, there were the speakers of Second Panel who had the turn to present, with the lead of Prof. Dr. Ermir Dobjani, moderator.

After the lunch break the order was for Third Panel speakers to have their words, moderated by Prof. Asoc. Enkelejda Olldashi.

During the Conference emphasis was given to duties of SSA, and to the status of Candidate Country to Albania in the European Union.

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