Postpone of the deadline! Open call for Mentoring Expert – “Active youth for a civic democracy”

Title:                                       Mentoring Expert
Location:                                Patos
Working days:                       2
Start of assignment:              14.11.2022
End of assignment:                30.12.2022

The current situation in Albania, despite improvements, continues to show a significant difference in terms of participation of young people, women and marginalized communities in the social, economic and political life of the country. The root cause of this shortcoming varies from gender inequality to lack of capacity and programs of institutions to provide generations with accurate information on the decision-making process and civic democracy. In this situation, non-formal education initiatives represent additional opportunities to meet the needs of under-served communities, to promote civic engagement and participation in decision-making. Taking into account the abovementioned situation, the Centre is implementing the project “Active youth for civic democracy“, in the Municipality of Patos. The overall goal of the project is to foster and promote civic youth engagement through participation in local decision-making.

As requested by the proposal, the European Centre will contract a Mentoring Expert who will be responsible for facilitating the projecting and idea visualization process, for youngsters of the Youth Thematic Forum of Patos. This process will be fulfilled within 2 full working days, divided in half days. It will constitute in orientation, facilitation and mentoring of youngsters during the process of finalizing project ideas, which will then be put in practice.

Duties and responsibilities
More concretely, the tasks required by the Mentoring Expert are mentioned below:

  • Orientate youngsters of the Forum towards drafting initiatives, based on real interests and issues of their communities;
  • Mentor youngsters of the Forum during the process of selecting directions of initiatives;
  • Facilitate the process of finalizing the project proposals;
  • Deliver up to 2 face-to-face meetings with the youngsters to orientate towards finalized tasks;
  • Keep communication by e-mail and/or phone/messages to deliver consultation until final drafts of project proposals;
  • Report to the European Centre.

The face-to-face meetings will be delivered in Municipality Patos, while mentoring through e-mail and other communication means, can be delivered from the Expert’s place of residency.

Payment shall be made by bank transfer. Payment can be divided in two instalments and will include costs for per diems and transport from and to duty station.
Payments shall be subject to withhold tax deduction (15%), as per legislation in force.

Necessary qualification and requirements:

  • University degree, preferably in law or social/political sciences;
  • At least 3 years of experience in writing project-proposals;
  • Previous experience in working in the civil society field;
  • General knowledge on community challenges, acquired from work experience;
  • Previous experience in working with youngsters and different communities, including those marginalized;
  • Very good communication skills;
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision.


  • Previous collaboration with the European Centre;
  • Master studies in law or social/political sciences;
  • Residency in Patos Municipality.

Criteria for application:
All interested parties are requested to submit the documents as below, in electronic copy at, or in hard copy at Str. “Vaso Pasha”, P. 20/57, Tirana, until 11 November 2022:

  • CV of applicant;
  • Any document proving previous similar engagements;
  • Methodology for delivery of task or previous example of good practice;
  • Financial offer for requested service (3 working days) plus requested cost for per diems and travel cost per day (or as a lumpsum). Costs must include withholding tax as per Albanian legislation in force.

Documents must be sent in English.
The European Centre Foundation reserves the right to postpone the call for application or cancel it, if applicants do not fulfill the required quality and criteria.

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