PROJECT: Contributing in the Amelioration of Human Rights Standards in and out the Penitentiary System in Albania


1. Description of the project

The project “Contributing in the amelioration of human rights standards in and out the penitentiary system in Albania” has started in February 2020, aiming at promoting a functional system of protection and prevention for persons deprived of their liberties and upon release, in full compliance with European standards and recognized international principles.

The program’s main outcomes are (O.1). Rehabilitative approach to prison and probation management (education/ legal/ psycho-social and vocational support) fostered and rehabilitation and prevention prospects of prisoners improved; (O.2). An interactive platform to support CSO active in the field of human rights education and litigation; (O.3). All-of-government approach and engagement of civil society organizations in prison and probation settings enhanced, in particular in the field of fostering the crime prevention approach (including social reintegration of prisoners upon release).

During the upcoming months of project implementation, European Centre Foundation and its Lead partner organization TLAS will dedicate tailored interventions that orient legal education, strategic litigation, and vocational education to inmates; promote standards of adequate psycho-social counseling for prisoners and prison staff; engage professional active civil society actors to consolidate and prioritize treatment and services in places of deprivation of liberties (through the sub-granting process), having a consolidated partnership and support by the Albanian Ministry of Justice through General Directorate of Prisons and Probation Service).

2. Objective
The ECF and TLAS are looking for a software developer who will be responsible for the audio-visual preparation of the website (e-platform). The IT company will create an online training programme including 8 e-modules prepare by experts. In addition, the IT Company will be responsible for creating an innovative method that will help to better transfer “know-how” on the topics that will prepare by the experts. This method will be designed to be easy to access and interactive. At the end of the entire training, the platform will generate for every registered user a PDF certificate of accomplishment.
3. Duties and responsibilities
For the online training programme, ECF and TLAS will require the services of an IT company who will be responsible for creating an online training platform including 8 e-modules on vocational rehabilitation, legal education, pro bono legal services and best European practices to be used by lawyers and non-lawyers.
More specifically, the IT Company will have to prepare:
• Video recording and editing of 8 e-training modules 20-30 min each;
• Dynamic slideshow and other multimedia resources accompanying and illustrating the recording;
• Optimization in a size and format suitable for upload and online experience;
• Visual designing of PowerPoint presentations, including animations and text;
• Optimization for upload and online experience;
• Assessment test for online users, designing of a multiple-choice quiz;
4. Expected Outputs/Deliverables
• Design the online training programme;
• Recording 8 videos 20-30 min each accompanied with illustrations;
• Assessment test accompanied with a PDF certificate.
5. Necessary Qualifications
• Registered with the fiscal authorities;
• VAT number;
• At least 3 years of professional experience at creating platforms/ websites etc;
• Ability to work with minimal supervision;
• Proven previous experiences with similar platforms;
• CV of the organization and responsible persons for this task.

6. Application process

Applications should be submitted to latest by July 14, 2021.

The candidates are required to submit a CV with description of relevant work experience and qualifications, and a financial offer for the online training programme. The Program Management will contact only shortlisted applicants.

The Payment
The payment will be made in one instalment upon the satisfactory completion of all deliverables.

ECF is committed to maintaining an environment of mutual respect, where equal employment opportunities are available to all applicants.

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