Quiz program and activities-‘Petro Nini’ high school.

In accordance with the calendar of the activities of the “EU Week 2014”, the European Centre in collaboration with UET Centre and Credins Bank organized on 7 May in ‘Petro Nini Luarasi’ high school in Tirana a comprehensive range of activities

These activities included quiz programs in the field of art, history(in accordance with the European Union) and literature.
For the first year students was conducted a Painting-competition in accordance with the vision these children have about Albania and European Union.  Some pictures were delivered, and from these  were selected the most realized ones. There were a few winners, who were evaluated with some gifts.
For the second year students was conducted a quiz program related with European Union(history, institution, integration of Albania in EU). The students were divided into two groups, “Robert Schumann” group and “Jean Monnet” group. At the end of the quiz program, after the students gave their answers for several questions in several fields the winner was declared. It was “Jean Monnet” group which won the competition. All partners of the group were evaluated with gifts.
For the third year students an essay competition was conducted, to help the students practice their writing before the state exam in Literature. The winner of the competition was Ana Dushi, who also was evaluated with a gift.

After these activities European Centre continued accomplishing all the activities in their calendar during the week.

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