The first meeting of the “Second Open Day of the Law Clinic” took place at the institution of the Albanian Ombudsman. The topic of the meeting was the future cooperation between this institution and the Law Clinic on offering legal assistance to vulnerable groups of the society.

The Ombudsman cannot bring cases to the court as it has no competences for such actions. Nonetheless, he can follow human rights infringements through institutional way.

The Ombudsman Ms. Igli Totozani expressed that he was eager to foster this cooperation by addressing every case they have to the Law Clinic so the citizens could take legal advices. However, he emphasized that such cooperation should be serious and not be neglected as it has happened previously with some cases.

A possible agreement can be reached through the Ombudsman Office and the Law Clinic at the Law Faculty of the University of Tirana. This agreement does not only stresses the serious commitment, but it also helps at a better implementation of the “Educational Program of the Law Clinic” through helping students to exercise their theoretical skills and the same time offering legal assistance to citizens who cannot afford having one.

Following meetings with the Commissioner for Legal Assistance and the Roma Community, will be organized as activities with great importance for bridging the gap.

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