On 24-25 November 2016 was delivered the first activity of the project “Strengthening of Legal Clinical Education is Access to Justice” a project which is implemented by the European Centre with the support of the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program, of the U.S.A Embassy in Albania.

This activity was designed to raise knowledge of the professors of Law Department UV about the legal clinical education, how to found a Clinic and how to incorporate this subject at the university curricula. In this line, during the first day of the training the following themes:

  • A short history of the Legal Clinics: successful models.
  • The importance of the Legal Clinical Education.
  • Practical issues on the organization of a Legal Clinic and the ethics of conduct.

At a first instance almost all the professors of the Department where not familiar with the idea of the Legal Clinics and the Legal Clinical Education. They showed a high interest on the topics and a good will in order to found a Clinic at the Law Department. There were discussions about the practical issues on the organization of the Clinic. Moreover, it was discussed even the model of the Legal Clinic UTLF founded by JuST-USAID, and lessons learned by it.

 During the 2nd day were presented the following themes:

  • Strategic litigation about administrative disputes.
  • Working groups: discussion of different syllabus cores on Legal Clinics as a university subject.
  • The representation of vulnerable groups. Strategic litigation as a way to ameliorate the implementation of human rights.

This training helped the professors of the Law Department in exchanging know-how from the Legal Clinic UTLF to the new Legal Clinic aimed to be founded in UVLD.  These training days raised the knowledge of the professors of UVLD how found the Legal Clinic in their university, helped them in exchanging know-how and emphasized the importance of legal clinical education as a mean to access justice.

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