May 4 and 5 2015, were the leading days of a two days  training at Hotel “Carlsberg” in Tirana, with the topic “The day after the candidate status- What’s next?”, following the European week of the year. This training was organized by partnering NGO-s, European Centre and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Albania.

Both days of the training were a continuation of the first phase of a project that published a booklet “My European Passport”.  The booklet aimed at informing the young generation about the dynamics of the EU-Albanian relations, especially after Albania received the candidate status. Not by coincidence, the trainings took place in May 4 and May 5, as the first days of the European Week that ends in May 9 with the European Day.

The activity was attended by Albanian and foreigner interested parties. The opening speech of the first day was held by the KAS representative Dr. Thomas Schrapel, who included in his speech his welcoming salute and his viewpoints on the process of the Albanian integration in the EU standards and values. Then the conference was followed by the speech of the vice minister of Foreign Affairs Mrs. Odeta Barbullushi and the head of the Parliamentary Commission on EU Integration Mrs. Majlinda Bregu. Whereas as the moderator of the conference served the representative of the European Centre, Ina Xhepa.

Following were the lectures of the Honorable Guest Speaker from the University of “La Rochelle”, Mrs. Marie-Ange Schellekens-Gaiffe. She is an expert of European Union Law and a good friend of Albania as well.  Other Albanian experts had the opportunity to share their own experience related to EU integration, though in different fields such as: the public administration reform, the theories of representation and the violation of state’s sovereignty, and the advantages or disadvantages of the Euro-zone.

Whereas the second day of training was filled with the experiences of two students from Macedonia and Kosovo respectively. They brought their understandings and experiences towards the integration.

At the end, the conference was deemed as very successful, representing a growing   interest among the students and further encouraging them to be part of the numerous debates  related to the dynamics of Albanian integration towards the European Union.

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