The Law Faculty of the University of Tirana wins the “Moot Court Albania ECHR 2015”

The Final session of the “Moot Court ECHR Albania 2015” was organized by the European Centre in cooperation with Civil Rights Defenders Albania, and took place on 17 January 2015 at the Supreme Court of Albania.  The Faculty of Law of the University of Tirana and Marin Barleti University, as the winners of the Semi-Final, were representing respectively the Applicant and the State in front of the Court.

The students who participated in the Moot Court had an excellent opportunity to exercise and deepen their knowledge related to Human Rights, especially those guaranteed by the European Convention of Human Rights. Furthermore, they got a clear understanding of the most famous cases and how the European Court of Human Rights operates.

The above mentioned students greatly performed in front of an honorable jury of judges which was composed by:

Mr. Xhezair Zagonjori – President of the Supreme Court of Albania

Mr. Kristaq Traja – Former Albanian judge at the European Court of Human Rights

Mrs. Altina Xhoxhaj – Judge at the Constitutional Court of Albania

Mrs. Nuala Mole – Expert on Human Rights (AIRE Center, London)

Mr. Giuseppe Cataldi – Jean Monnet Chair, Expert on Human Rights

Mr. Alaudin Malaj – President of the Court of Appeal of Tirana

After a session resembling to that of the “Grand Chamber” in Strasbourg, the Court announced the Law Faculty of Tirana as the winning team of “Moot Court ECHR Albania 2015”.

The students that represented this Faculty were:

Sajmira Kopani, Xhon Skënderi, Mikeljan Shkalla, Romina Hoxha dhe Megi Kurti. The team Leader was the head of the Public law department of the University of Tirana Prof. Asoc. Dr. Evis Alimehmeti.

The winners will represent Albania for the first time at the Regional “Moot Court Competition”, organized by Civil Rights Defenders in Budva, Montenegro.

As for the ranking of the Universities, according to the evaluation, the second place was given to Marin Barleti Univerity, whereas the third one to the European University of Tirana.

The European Court in strong cooperation with the Civil Rights Defenders Albania, aims to organize the “Moot Court ECHR Albania” periodically (once a year), in order to contribute to the practical knowledge of the future professionals. In addition this will serve to enhance the better understanding and application of the Fundamental Rights and Human Rights as well.

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