JuST USAID and the European Centre in cooperation with the Law Faculty UT are implementing Law Clinic Education Program that consists on developing practical law skills.

The purpose of this program is the perfection of the educational process of the Law students, through the harmonization of theoretical skills with practice on the implementation of law. The students are committed in offering free legal service to individuals that are not economically able to afford the service of a private lawyer to address the court.

In order to provide a wide knowledge about its functioning and its practice, the Law Clinic has already organized open days as well as trainings with the Penal and Public departments at the Law Faculty of the University of Tirana.

The first day of the training of the Penal Department was held at the Law Faculty, while it will continue to take place at the same classroom at 13:00. During these days, the interested students will be able to get information and exercise their law skills in role-plays in a mock penal proceeding.

Students were given a penal dossier/file and divided their plays as prosecutors, lawyers and testimonials, while the judge of the mock trial will be the assisting professor Doc. Alban Koçi. In the following training days, students will be prepared to realize the simulated trial according to their dossier and their role.

JuST USAID, the European Centre and Law Faculty- UT, kindly invite all the law students to take part at the “ The training of the Penal Department of the Law Clinic’’

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