JuST-USAID and the European Centre, in a strong cooperation with the Law Faculty of the University of Tirana, continue to hold trainings, as part of the Legal Clinic Educational Program. April 22, at 11:00 am, at the Law Faculty, took place the first training day with the involvement of the three departments, Public, Criminal and Civil Departments.

The audience consisted of the law students of this faculty, with different backgrounds coming from all the departments. The training professors represented the heterogeneous nature of the meeting as well.

Dean of the Law Faculty of Tirana, Dr. Altin Shegani- the Criminal Department

Prof.Asoc. Evis Alimehmeti- Public Department

Prof.ASoc. Nada Dollani- Civil Department

Since promoting human rights standards and fundamental rights in Albania, as a crucial part of the establishment of rule of law, in addition to the considerations made by the ECtHR in the cases brought to that court, it was properly thought for the Three Departments Involvement , to organize an ECHR Mock Trial.  This day had a more theoretical approach. During the time period, the students were also selected to represent different roles as: the Representative of the State, the Representative of the Applicant and the Judges.

April 23, JuSt-USAid, European Centre and the Law Faculty, will organize the ECHR Mock Trial, where all the students are kindly invited to attend the simulation.

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