Training of Trainers/Spain – B-Competent

Spain, 15 November 2021 – The third Training-of-Trainers on human rights and foreign prisoners took place in Spain. The presentation of the project was done by PhD. Alejadro Forero and the presentation of the T-o-T workshop by PhD. Monica Aranda was part of the discussion during the training as well. The Training of Trainers workshop, led via Zoom by PhD. Xabier Etxebarria Zarrabeitia, (U. Complutense de Madrid), who addressed country-specific issues from an international perspective, focusing on best practices exchange and case studies. More specifically the theme that he presented for participants was on the European standards related to the management and treatment of foreign prisoners, with a special focus on foreign women’s conditions in prison.

Forty-seven (47) participants were been actively involved through Q&A sessions with experts on different issues such as: in this matter, one of the main problems in Spain is the legislation itself that induces the repatriation of foreigners in prison; In these situations, communications between foreign prisoners and their families should be strengthened/made more flexible, as well as facilitating a mechanism for this objective; More training is required for prison staff in this area; Bear in mind that Spanish legislation requires that 40% of the prison staff must be of the same gender as prisoners.

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