On 6 May 2016, at the University of Humanities “Ismail Qemali” in Vlora, took place a one day workshop on the topic “Asylum law”. The training was organized by the European Centre and Konrad Adenauer in the framework of the project “European standards on asylum law”. The aim of the training was to contribute to the knowledge of the international standards on the right to asylum, which are crucial on better addressing the situation and the well-functioning of the legislative and judicial systems of the Western Balkans.

The situation of the asylum seekers has been worsened recently. Millions of people have been asking for asylum in the member states of the European Union, while as entry countries have served the Balkan countries, and mostly Greece. While during 2014- 2015 there has been a flux of emigrant from the Balkan countries as well, seeking for asylum in EU, especially in Germany, with the pretentions of the bad economic situation in their home countries.

The current situation has created many problems in the functioning of the asylum system in the EU, the application of the ECHR standards and the national legislations where the refugees aim at. Looking at it in a broader perspective, there is the risk that racist and xenophobic feelings arise in Europe. Thus, in order to contribute to solving the situation, there should be a common dialogue and cooperation between the countries of the old continent.

The topics lectured during the conference are:

Msc.Ina Xhepa, Executive Director of the European Centre, presented to the audience the brochure “Guide on Asylum Law”, drafted by the European Centre and supported by KAS. The guide serves as a short intro to the basic notions of the asylum right, the EU asylum system and its functionality, as well as the individuals who could possibly gain the status of the refugee. All the participants got a brochure, meanwhile Ms. Ina Xhepa brought the ECHR standards on asylum, as to better explain the importance of such training and the brochure.

Prof. Dr. Migena Leskoviku, lectured upon the topic “The right to asylum and the international standards: the legal protection and integration”. During the speech, she explained the importance of knowing the duties and the rights of the status of the asylum-seeker as well as the Albanian legal system on asylum.

The workshop was concluded by Mr. Michael Gumprich, secretary of the Office of Migration and Refugees at the German Embassy in Tirana. Mr. Gumprich answered all the questions related to the possibilities of working or studying in Germany, while also explaining that Albania is considered as a safe country of origin, therefore the chances to get the asylum in one of the EU member states are nearly zero.

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