5th of November 2015, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Hans Seidel Stiftung and Friedrich Ebert Stfitung, organized the conference “Albania in the Berlin Process”. The aim of the conference was to provide an analysis of the Albanian integration to EU process, as well as a brief of other countries of the Western Balkans that are going through the same process. The initiative was taken after the following meetings in Vienna, Berlin and Bordeaux, where the one to be expected in  the future, is the Paris meeting.  Present in the meeting were the heads of the three German foundations as well as the German and French ambassador, and a representative of the EU delegation to Albania.

The conference drew on conclusions and recommendations of the Albanian integration process. The most discussed topics were the coordination between the Balkan countries and the overcoming of the past conflicts. Both ambassadors put emphasis on the value of friendship that should be taken as example from EU to the Western Balkans. As for the political sphere, it was mentioned that though there are still misunderstandings and disagreements, positive steps are taken, such was the meeting in Bordeaux where Serbia and Kosovo where sitting next to each other. Projects in economy and infrastructure are being planned and implemented by the local and EU experts, as one of the main problems brought up in the table was also the lack of an appropriate motorway and railway system that connects the Balkans but also the northern Europe till the way in Greece. That is a great opportunity for those countries to open their market easily, integrate to the freedom of goods and boost their economies, agreed the panelists.

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