Congratulations’ to the European Centre on celebrating its 15th Anniversary

As founder and senior lawyer at the AIRE centre in London I am delighted to congratulate the European Centre on its 15th Anniversary. For more than 20 years I have been coming to Albania to work with Albanian friends and colleagues in helping to disseminate knowledge and understanding of European law. It was a honour to have worked with the team carrying out the compatibility study prior to Albania’s accession to the ECHR. The founding of the Centre by the distinguished European jurist, now judge Ledi Bianku ( like me, an alumnus of the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium!)  has been an inestimable contribution to the enrichment of the academic understanding of European law in Albania but also to its practical application through the training given to young lawyers who have gone on to be legal practitioners.

My colleague Biljana Braithwaite and I were  delighted last year to conclude an agreement with the Centre for us to work together ( with others) on putting together a database of the case-law of the ECHR in Albanian for the benefit of Albanian judges and practitioners . It has been and continues to be an excellent co-operation. I wish the Centre and those who teach and study at it every continuing success for the coming 15 years.

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