On May 27 2016, the European Centre in collaboration with Konrad Adenauer Foundation and closely supported by the School of Magistrates, within their program on continuous training for judges organized the training “European Standards on Asylum”. The training aims to bring closer to the judges and other professionals in law, the European standards, those of the ECtHR as well as national legislation regarding asylum, which has been the subject of discussions in the European agenda, recently.

The status of asylum seekers and refugees searching for a safer life outside their native countries has seriously deteriorated recently. Millions of people, passing through mainly Mediterranean countries and especially Greece have already sought asylum, in particular in the European Union Member States. Also, during 2014 and 2015 thousands of citizens of the Western Balkans left to seek asylum in EU countries, especially Germany, on the grounds of the vulnerable economic situation.

Given that the situation requires an appropriate treatment and improve knowledge regarding the right of asylum, the European Centre and KAS Albania saw enough relevance to organize the training. The training started with a welcome address by Ms. Ina Xhepa, Executive Director of the European Centre, which was followed by the representative of KAS Albania, Ms. Klaudja Zerva and then was followed by Mr. Hortenc Balla, Representative Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, who made several interventions on the role of UNHCR in Albania.

For the implementation of this training were selected the best experts in the field, who addressed this issue through selected topics.

Mrs. Nuala Mole – High level international expert on human rights and founder of the AIRE Centre came on “The European legal regulation’s overlaps concerning the right of asylum: some key aspects”.

Mrs. Evis Alimehmeti – Expert on Human Rights, lecturer at the Faculty of Law, UT, the ASM brought the topic “Asylum seekers protection guaranteed in the framework of the ECHR and the case-law of the ECtHR”.

Mrs. Luljeta Ikonomi – Expert on Migration Law, lecturer at the Faculty of Law, UT  ” Detention of asylum seekers /illegal migrants in the detention centers: EU Directive on detention and developments in the CJEU and ECtHR case-law”.

In the role of the facilitator of the training was selected Ms. Majlinda Bejleri (Judge), which brought cases from the practice in our country, making it more understandable in terms of the application in practice of the right to asylum.

In conclusion, it was derived that the situation created problems in functioning of international refugee law, the Common European System for Asylum, the standards required by the ECHR and national refugee legislation in some countries. Thereupon, issues of asylum in Europe require attention and treatment in the right way to resolve the situation, where, inter alia, the cooperation and the goodwill of all sides are required.

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