“Education, Culture and Youth are part of the essence of the Council of Europe”


Education, culture and youth correspond to the very essence of the Council’s role: democracy, rule of law and human rights are not established by decree”, highlighted Gilbert Saboya Sunyé, Chairman of the Committee of Ministers, while addressing PACE on Monday.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Andorra underlined the chairmanship’s main contributions to some of the strategic priorities identified by the Organisation: “living together in harmony in sustainable democratic and culturally diverse societies, focusing our activities on youth, education for democratic citizenship and human rights”.

Saboya Sunyé provided as well an up-date on the developments on the agenda of the Committee of Ministers, focusing on the partnership with the European Union for the Neighbourhood policy in the southern shores of the Mediterranean.

Moreover, in the framework of a brief overview of the Andorran initiatives during the semester, the Iberian politician emphasized the role of the campaign Nurturing Human Rights launched to raise awareness on the Convention on Human Rights.

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