In the framework of “European Week 2014”, the European Centre in cooperation with Credins Bank, Konrad Adenauer Stfitung in Albania and UET Centre organized a series of activities, from 6th May to 13th of May. The activities were organized in several high schools in Tirana but not only, as well as two conferences, respectively a scientific and a student one.

Feb. 2019 – May 2019 – The Centre in collaboration with KAS Albania are implementing project “EU integration challenges”, a follow up of previews project which is a nationwide awareness campaign on the integration steeps of Albania toward the EU. The European Centre in collaboration with Kondrad Adenauer Stiftung  organized from 9-12 May 2019 an activity  regarding the accession of Albania toward EU.


May 6, 2014 – European Film Day and the “Goodbye Lenin” show at the European University of Tirana.

May 7, 2014 – At “Petro Nini Luarasi” high school a number of all-inclusive activities were organized, such as different competitions in the fields of art, literature and history related to the European Union.

For the freshmen, a “Painting Competition” was organized regarding the vision that the students have for Albania and the European Union. After the paintings’ preparations in group or individually, the students organized an exposition at the school lobby where they presented their work. The paintings were worshipped by a professional of the board, where he evaluated not only the realization, but also the idea that had understood the best the selected theme.


For the second year students, a “Competition on the history of the European Union” was organized in three phases (History, EU Institutions, and Albania towards the EU). The groups’ separation was symbolic, so it could give more weight and importance to the chosen theme, that were respectively called “Robert Schumann Group” and “Jean Monnet Group”.


For the seniors an essay competition was organized, where the competitors had the opportunity to prepare an essay on “European Union for Me” theme.


6-8-9 May 2014 – The European Centre and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation presented the project “I and Europe”, respectively at the high schools of  “Aleks Buda”, in Tirana, “Sejfulla Malëshova”, in Këlcyra and “Sami Frashëri” in  Përmet. The purpose of the activities was to make a presentation on the European Union to the high school students with the aim of spreading the knowledge of the European values ​​and realities and supporting Albania’s integration process in Europe.


12 May 2014 – Scientific conference on “Legal and Institutional Developments in Albania in the framework of SAA commitments” in cooperation with the Faculty of Law, Department of Public Law.


May 13, 2014 – A student conference on “We and the European Union – What’s Next?” in cooperation with the UET Centre.



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