European Week 2016

The European Centre in the framework of one of its most important institutional objectives has designed and implemented projects on the European integration, which aims to bring closer the European realities and their professional support in the integration process in the EU, organizes the yearly project “European Week 2016”.

The activities foreseen in the framework of this project are:

29 April 2016

Time 12: 00 – Workshop – EU and Me, School “K. Karafili”, Pogradec

06 May 2016

Time 11:00 – Workshop – Challenges towards EU integration, University “I. Qemali”, Vlora

06 May 2016

Time 10:00 – Workshop – EU and Me, School “M. Dollaku”, Shijak

09 May 2016

Time 10:30 – Workshop – EU and Me, School “B. Curri”, Tirana

09 May 2016

Time 10:00 – Open Day at the European Centre

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