April 28 at the University of Tirana, Law Faculty, took place the International Scientific Conference for the implementation of the Legal Clinical Education Program.  The conference was organized with the help of the UT-FL , JuST-USAID, in cooperation with the Washington and Lee Law faculty, and with the facilities provided by the European Centre.

The topic of the conference was: “Legal Clinical Education, Law Students’ Practical Skills Building, and Practice-Oriented Teaching Methods: Bridging the Gaps between Theory and Practice”.

Honorable guests were the Rector of the University of Tirana, Prof.Dr. Dhori Kule, the Director of JuSt-USAID in Albania Marcus Jonhson, the  Dean of the Law Faculty Prof.Dr. Altin Shegani, and the professor from the Washington and Lee University, Thomas Speed Rice. Because of the general interest, the conference was attended by many other foreign and Albanian professors and students.

The conference had three panels, where the moderator of the first one was Prof.Asoc Evis Alimehmeti, whereas the second panel by Prof.Asoc. Ilir Rusi and the third one by Dr. Alban Koçi. Each session had 6 research papers. Every paper was presented by the professor who had worked on that. The works presented were of a broad perspective, trying to introduce new and creative viewpoints of the legal clinic education in the Albanian reality.

Despite contributing to the diversity of the curricula of the Faculty of Law and the Legal Clinic at this University, they also serve as a good tool to consolidate the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the law students when offering the pro bono service at the time speaking and in the future.

The conference was a successful achievement for the professors and the law students as well, while concluding the process of different trainings aiming at promoting the Legal Clinic Educational Program.

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