Moot Court 2018

On 22th of December 2018, at the Constitutional Court of Albania, the Centre organized the final round of the European Human Rights Moot Court– Albania V. This annual event was carried out by the European Centre in collaboration with the Civil Rights Defenders. The first two rounds of the mock trial consisted of the presentation and selection of written arguments by the 10 participating universities. Six of universities were able to move on into the semi-final round, and were then divided into two random groups as representatives of the state and representatives of the plaintiff. The six schools that participated in the semi-final trial were:

-University of Tirana

-“Marin Barleti” University

-“Ismail Qemali”, University of Vlore

-“New York Tirana” University

-College University “Beder”

-Mediterranean University of Albania


Only the University of Tirana and “New York Tirana” University were able to move into the final round, each representing the “plaintiff” and the “State” respectively.

The final round was executed at the Constitutional Court of Albania on the 22th of December. The judicial body consisted of:

Mr. Darian Pavli– Leader

Ms. Migena Leskoviku- Member

Mr. Rick Lawson– Member

Mr. Florjan Kalaja – Member

Mr. Idlir Peci – Member

After both teams extensively presented their arguments, the judicial body stepped back to evaluate the teams’ claims and their performance. The judges announced the Law Department of the University of Tirana as the winner of the final round of the European Human Rights Moot Court. This team will represent Albania in the national competition, which will be organized by the Civil Rights Defenders in March.

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