On 10 December 2015, the International Day of Human Rights, the European Centre in cooperation with the Dutch Embassy in Albania, screened the movie “The Shelter”. This activity was part of the initiative Movies that Matter Tirana, that for the second year the European Centre participates in screening a movie aiming at raising awareness for certain violations of human rights.

The screening was also attended by Mrs. Aida Lahi of the Netherlands Embassy in Albania and professor of political science at the University of New York Tirana, Mr. Ermal Hasimja, as well as many other students, interested in learning more and protecting human rights. As also emphasized at the opening speech, we should be aware and advocate for human rights everyday and in all our activities, not only on certain occasions or days.

The central theme of this year’s movie was the right to asylum to move and stay to host countries and the living conditions at the shelter where the asylum-seekers stay. Despite this being a very relevant topic for the European Union, the movie also portrayed the difficulties of real life in escaping violence and conflict, moving from one country to the other, life in shelters, the struggles to adapt to the new way of life etc. Right after the movie, a discussion followed, leaded by professor Hasimja. Students participated in throwing ideas in the table as how proportional are the life conditions in the shelters, what can a country do to better assist those people in need, and what can Albania specifically do, could our country host Syrian refugees, eventually going into philosophical grounds about the human nature and its moral and feeling of solidarity.

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