At 9, 20 and 30 June, the European Centre and ALTRI Center, in the framework of the Justice for All Coalition initiative “An Independent and professional judiciary: I shall speak up now”, delivered 3 Open Days about the vetting process in the municipalities of Korça, Lezha and Shkodra. The activities started at 11:00 am according to the prior notification and collaboration with the local staff of the municipalities. We climbed notifications about the Open Day 3 days before the event, so everyone to be informed about the open day and for a high number of participants. At first, in the information points on the hall of the municipality, in which were climbed the vetting poster, we raised the stand and distributed the leaflets close to the “one-stop-shop” office. The citizens were highly interested to know in concrete terms the process of “vetting” and especially, how they could be an integral part of it. Some of them shared their personal experience of corrupted cases and were eager to make a positive change in the judicial system. The activities were published in the social networks of the implementing partners and Justice for All Coalition, and in the respective websites.

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