“Promotion of Legal Clinic, “Ismail Qemali” University of Vlora”

European Centre in collaboration with Open Society Foundation for Albania organized on the 4th October , the promotion of the “Law Clinic” at the University of Vlora. This presentation event forwarded the progress of the Clinic and also recalled once more the opportunity that the Law Clinic offers in the framework of education and free legal help since July 2018.

These opportunities and services include the education of students by giving the first and second legal help to the citizens that do not have economical opportunity to pay a lawyer. This juridical help will be concentrated in administrative activity of the local and central institutions. Furthermore The European centre aims to achieve the process of accountability from the public institutions against citizens, the citizen’s legal education and the exchange of the best practices in the legal education field.

The Law Clinic has got a positive feedback from the citizens of Vlora and through its informative sessions organized every week by students who work near the Clinic. The Centre and students that are part of this project are working intensively to make the Law Clinic a successful and ambitious project, in order to enlarge it even more in the future.

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