The valuable summary was realized as a continuation of the project: “Moot Court Albania ECHR 2015”. The moot court took place in a national level and gathered the Law Faculties around Albania, as the first competition of this kind, which was a product of the strong cooperation between the European Centre and Civil Rights Defenders. Whereas the summary was made possible by the work of the human rights expert Mrs. Dajena Kumbaro.

The summary consists of all cases brought in the European Court of Human Rights against Albania since 2004 until April 2014, as well as its standards of guaranteeing the fundamental rights stressed out in the European Convention of Human Rights.  Because of the special place that the Albanian Constitution reserves to this Convention and because of the importance of its jurisprudence that represents a fundamental basis for the respect and limitations of the human rights according to the Art. 17 of the Constitution, the summary serves as a valuable manual to the judges, attorneys, lawyers, experts and law students as well.  The volume also gives an insight of the fundamental elements of the ECHR standards applied in Albania, in order to strengthen the rule of law, ameliorate the national judicial system and augment the recognition of the jurisprudence of the court.

The summation is divided into two parts. The First one consists on a summary of the cases of penal character and the Second Part on cases of civil character. Cases are published in a chronological order, starting from the latest ruling to the earliest.  On the other hand, at the end of the manual you can find a summary of a case of the Art.8 of ECHR, the right of enjoying the private life, as the only case of its kind ruled by the Strasburg Court versus Albania.

This summary of the standards stressed out by the Strasbourg Court, aims at clarifying the position of the court in its rulings “versus Albania”, as a manual towards the amelioration of the problematic issues of the Albanian law.

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