Reporting mechanism for cases of SEA

The Centre would like to inform on the procedure for reporting cases of the Sexual Exploitation and Abuse where the personnel of the Centre is (allegedly) involved. In this regard, the following is of importance:

Cases of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) include cases of Sexual exploitation or cases of Abuse as per definitions included in the Prevention Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy adopted by the European Centre. In any case, and where it does not contradict with the adopted definitions explained above, the cases of SEA might include any actual or attempted abuse of a position of vulnerability, differential power or trust for sexual purposes, including, but not limited to profiting monetarily, socially or politically from the sexual exploitation of another. “Sexual abuse” is the actual or threatened physical intrusion of a sexual nature, whether by force or under unequal or coercive conditions. This includes non-contact and online sexual exploitation and abuse.

The European Centre Foundation  is undertaken an obligation to prevent by all possible means involvement of its personnel in the cases of SEA. Therefore, the Centre is welcoming reporting of all incidents of SEA where members of the Centre’s personnel are allegedly involved. All reporting occurs on the basis of principles safety and confidentiality. In all cases, whistleblowers shall not be subject to any forms of repression, their personal data shall be protected.

Information regarding SEA involvement is to be submitted by means of Incident Reporting Form to the European Centre’s focal point, by e-mail, regular mail, courier service.  According to the Centre’s PSEA Policy every submitted Incident reporting Form is registered and is referred for further assessment. Initial review is closed with the procedural decision: whether or not investigation in the case is opened.


Incident report form SEA

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