The European Centre in the framework of its mission has created the Internship Program. It welcomes every student with knowledge in law, especially those with a specific interest on human rights and European law. The Centre foresees this program as a good opportunity for motivated students in order to help them to put in practice the knowledge gained during their studies, to be more familiar with international human rights standards, the European integration of Albania, and to learn about project implementing process. The Internship Program is available for a period of 3 to 6 months, and its overall objective is to contribute in the amelioration of professional knowledge of students.

The main responsibilities of an Intern are: 
– To participate in relevant events that has in focus the rule of law and European integration;
– Organizing and participating in events those are in the framework of the Centre projects;
– Contributing with the administrative issues of the office;
– Delivering legal information’s and publications of the Centre to different stakeholders;
– Informing the public about international human rights standards.

The candidate should fulfill the following criterias:
– He/She should be a BA graduate student or at the last year of BA studies;
– Very good computer knowledge on basis operation systems, basic programs and search engines (Windows, Mac, MS Office, Adobe, different search engines);
– Very good knowledge of Albanian, English and/or French languages;
– Very good interpersonal skills and ability to work in group;
– To be highly motivated to work for free.

The interested candidates can send their CV Europass model and a motivation letter in Albanian or English at the following e-mail address: In accordance with the bidding legislation in force to the intern would be provided the health insurance. At the end of the internship the intern will receive a certificate and a reference letter.

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