On May 19 at the “Ismail Qemali” University following the project “The day after candidate status- What’s next?”, took place the training and the workshop on the European integration of Albania, the five priorities set by the EU on the last progress report and  the further steps that Albania must undertake in order to open the accession negotiations.

This training consisted on giving a brief of the dynamics of the integration of Albania in the EU, after taking the candidate status and ongoing being closer to European values and standards by the professionals, also focusing on youth. It was also presented an overview on the diplomatic developments through high-level dialogue and on the other side the “costs” of the European integration. The participants were mainly professors and students of the Department of Law at  Ismail Qemali University in Vlora.

This training was opened by the presentation of the brochure designed by the European Centre titled “My European Passport”, which brings the dynamics of the integration process based on the  five priorities that Albania should undergo before its integration in EU.

Following was the speech of the Prof.Asoc. Evis Alimehmeti, on the “Effective measures to take in compliance with the requirements of ECHR and the jurisprudence of ECtHR against Albania- V Priorities.

Another interesting issue was presented by Doc. Bisej Kapo, as an interactive discussion on the “Integration of Western Balkan Countries in the EU”.

After a series of discussions and conclusions by the participants, who showed a great interest on the topic, it was a expressed a kind acknowledgment for bringing such issues in the table for the students interested in EU issues.

This was the last day of training, as well as of the project, thus concluding another fruitful cooperation between the European Centre and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

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