“The European Centre and the “ABC” Foundation promote the Libohova area on-line”

The area of Libohova is rightfully considered as one of the richest in all Albania in terms of historic, cultural and gastronomic heritage. It has been a crossroad of many civilisations that have inhabited and kept under conquest the whole country for centuries. Besides the wealth of traditions, this area which is laying at the feet of the Bureto mountain, with the Drino valley in the middle and the city of Gjirokastër in front at the feet of the Wide mountain, has produced through centuries many events, histories and well-known personalities that have left their mark in the history of the Albanian nation.

By taking into account all these details and characteristic features of the area of Libohova and also when noticing the total lack of practical and photographic information about the attractions existing in the area, the European Centre elaborated a project-idea to better promote through the internet and the social networks this area in Southern Albania and to bring it closer to the nostalgic people and the interested tourists. This initiative was well-received from the “ABC” Foundation. Through the financial support offered from this foundation, the area of Libohova and its cultural heritage are now reflected in a web site and also on the “Facebook” social network.

Based on the project activities and goals, the staff selected from the European Centre established the cooperation with the Municipality of Libohova. The mayor of the city, Mr Altin Çomo, has continuously showed the full support of his institution for the best fulfillment of the predetermined objectives. The head of the Cultural Section of the municipality, Mr Petrit Ruli, has assisted with the gathering of information and with suggestions regarding special details of the Libohova area, in order to ensure the full exposition of the attractive characteristics of the area. Another important help as regarding miscellaneous data has been given from the publication “The Profile of the City of Libohova” prepared from the municipality and the “Soros” Foundation.

The main activities carried out in this project include the on-site study of the products  and services offer potential. This will serve to better prepare other similar initiatives with more specific interventions. A list of the main producers of Libohova and their offers has been prepared and publicated in this website. At the same time, there were more than 400 pictures taken in order to bring closer to the visitors of this web-site the main attractions, such as the Libohova fortress, the Mufit Bej Libohova manor, the tomb of Shahnisha, sister of Ali Pashë Tepelena, the church of Labova e Kryqit, the masjid (tekke) of Melani, the unspoiled natural wealth and original architecture etc, from which we selected the very best. All the text materials of this website are readable in Albanian and English language.

This is the first cooperation of our centre with the “ABC” Foundation (Albanian Besa Capital), an established-in-2008 Albanian non-profit organisation, which offers grants to enable the achievement of its goals and objectives, such as sustainable development; increase of human capacities for determined communities, tourist promotion, etc. For further information, please click on www.abcfoundation.info.

By wishing you a lot of pleasure during your surfing through www.libohova.info, we sincerely suggest you to have a several days break from your daily activities and undertake a trip to the area of Libohova or to include a visit as a station of your next vacations, so that you will touch its history and taste its gastronomy and traditions. You will also experience a totally original mixture of surprise and astonishment due to all the tourist attractions this ancient area of Albania has to offer.

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