The first Open Day of the Legal Clinic of the Law Faculty of University Tirana was successfully organized on February 10, by the JUST-USAID in strong cooperation with the Law Faculty and the European Center. The activity is to be followed by other activities as well, in order to promote the Clinical Education.

The first Open Day took place at the main entrance of the Faculty of Law from 0930-1400. The students of the faculty were informed about the Law Clinic at their faculty and were motivated to join this clinic or address the needy people to receive legal help from the Clinic. During the presentations, the students were also informed about the process how to be part of the clinic.

Among the presentations, students were provided with the insight of the work of the Law Clinic from its beginning. They were also able to collect information about certain judicial acts such as contracts, which will definitely help them during their assistance at the Clinic.

This cooperation between three major bodies, aims at the Clinical Education, building the critical reasoning and developing practical skills related to the application of the law. Those students will provide legal counsels under the assistance of their professors, to the people who cannot afford having such service.

Furthermore, this program helps to balance the tendency of the Law schools in Albania towards theoretical knowledge only and the gain of practical skills. This is a major contribution of empowering young individuals to be the future professionals.

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