The European Court of Human Rights, elected today its new president, the Italian judge at the court, Guido Raimondi. His mandate starts on the first of November 2015. Ms.Raimondi was elected through a secret voting procedure by the plenary court. He will be the successor of Dean Spielman, the Luxembourgish judge, whose mandate ends on 31 of October 2015.

CV of the judge Guido Raimondi

He was born in October 22 1953, in Napoli, Italy. In 1975 he was a professor at the Law Faculty in Napoli, and during 1976-1977 he served as the first assistant of the Chair of International Law, in the same university. Guido served as a magistrate during 1977-1989, and after that he served at the Italian Ministry of Foreign of Affairs, as part of the diplomatic delegation. During 1989-1997, Guido Raimondi served as an agent of the Italian government at the European Court and European Commission for human rights. He also served as a supplement member of the Commission of the Occidental United Europe in London 1991-1992. Since 1993, Guido Raimondi has served as a member of different boarding committees of experts at the Council of Europe. 1999-2000, he served as the president of the office of the Board Committee. He has been a general advocate of the Court of Cassation since 1997 till 2001, and member of the Italian interministerial committee for the human rights 1998-2003. 1998-200 Guido served as a member of the Commission of the Occidental United Europe, in Brussels. From 2001 till 2003, he has served as an ad hoc judge at the European Court of Human Rights. At the same time he has served as an advisor at the Court of Cassation. For the time period 2003-2007 he served as a substituent legal advisor of the International Labor Office, in Geneva, and during 2008-2010 served as the legal advisor and the chair of the legal services in the same office. But since 5th of May 2010, Guido Raimondi has served as the Italian judge at ECtHR, as well as a vice president of the Court and president of the Section since 1st of November 2012.

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