JuST- USAID and the European Centre with a strong collaboration of the Law Faculty of the University of Tirana are successfully implementing the Clinical Law Program.  As previously stated, the aim of this program is to ameliorate the educational process of the law students through harmonizing the theoretical knowledge and the gain of the practical skills. This unique experience will be ensured as the students will offer free legal advice to individuals from vulnerable groups of the society, who cannot afford to contract a lawyer to represent them in the court.

For further information for the functioning of the Law Clinic, the project will provide the chance that students participate in different trainings and mock trials from the Public, Civil and Criminal Departments.

The second, third and fourth day of the Criminal Law Department’s training were held at the Law Faculty of the University of Tirana at 13:00, respectively in April 1,2 and 3.  During these days the students were able to gather valuable information about the functioning of the criminal justice according to the Albanian system.

Each student was given a dossier with a material of a criminal trial. After that, they were divided in respective roles as attorneys, lawyers and witnesses.  Whereas the panel of judges of the mock trial will be formed by Alban Koçi, Besnik Cerekja and Ela Podgorica.

JuST- USAID and the European Centre, with the cooperation of the FL-UT kindly invite every student to be part of the “Training of the Criminal Law Department as part of the Clinical Law Education Program”.

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